Barn Restoration – Part 1

I spent the week clearing out the knee-high grass around the barn with the string trimmer and lawn mower. It actually doesn’t look half bad.

This weekend, I put a dent in clearing out the barn itself. It’s getting there.

The highlights include probably 200 mostly destroyed drop ceiling panels (which are fiberglass insulation with paper glued to it) and 2 39 gallon trash bags and counting full of shoes – yes, shoes – it looks like some robbed a Payless 20 years ago and dumped the booty in the barn. I did tick off a couple of mice that came out to see what was going on. I also heard and then saw a woodpecker pecking on the barn.

Clearing the yard/field with the mower is proving to be scary. 3 feet tall grass and weeds and no clue what is under it. Here are some of the joys the mower found:

I’ll try to get a couple doors and some siding this week, and try to get a dumpster set before the weekend.