Trash Removal – Part 1

This is part 1, as in there is a lot more trash to be removed than this. The goal here was to get all of the trash outside the house removed, as well as anything in the big barn. I opted for the biggest dumpster they had – 30 cubic yards. It was about 25% more expensive for 50% more capacity than the next smaller size. I have it for 2 weeks, which I was a little worried about. I scheduled the dumpster to be set last Friday afternoon and took a half day off work. While waiting for the dumpster, I did some trimming by the road, which turned out pretty good.

Once the dumpster was set, i got a start. Note the army of empty trash cans I now have.

I took Saturday off since I had an appointment to get a hitch installed on my car and since the weather was pretty terrible. I got an early start Sunday and made good progress. The stacks of yellow stuff are what I think are insulated drop ceiling panels, basically pieces of fiberglass insulation with paper glued to them, in various stages of decay. They are pretty nasty to deal with, and they take up a bunch of room. There were probably 25 trash cans up by the house that were all full of trash and had been outside for up to a few years. I started dumping them, but eventually gave up and just started loading the cans in the dumpster. They are all either loaded in the dumpster now or are empty and hopefully airing out now – the smell is overwhelming. I would estimate that the dumpster is 3/4 full now, which ended my concerns on only having 2 weeks to fill it – I expect to have it completely full by this Friday, one week after it was set. There is still some trash around where the trash cans were sitting, and a bunch of trash on the porch – the porch stuff are bags of paper that are saturated with water and extremely heavy. I also have a few more bags of stuff to load up out of the barn.

One thing I do need to do is figure out how to dispose of glass and metal. Both are recyclable, neither are allowed in a dumpster, and I have a bunch of both. That is a project for a different day, though.