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Samba v4 – security = share Has Been Removed

A couple weekends ago, I decided it would be a good idea to upgrade my Ubuntu physical and virtual servers to 14.04 LTS.  The ones on 13.10 upgraded without issue.  The one on 12.04, which happens to be my NAS box and the one I use the most, failed miserably.  This caused me to do a fresh install of Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS on it and try to remember how I had it set up.  Two days later, it was functional as a NAS box, or so I thought.

One point worth noting – every PC I use has the same user name and password.  This makes life easier for me, but has the side effect of masking problems.  In this case, it had to do with Samba.  On an earlier version of Ubuntu and an earlier version of Samba, the “security = share” global parameter allowed me to have a wide-open Samba share (along with some other settings which I will not go into here.)  Little did I know that this global setting had been depreciated in Samba v3 and completely removed in Samba v4.  Upgrading to Ubuntu 14.04 gave me…you guessed it…Samba v4.  This killed my wide-open access.  However, since my user and password on my Windows machine is the same user and password on the NAS box and happens to be the same user I force through the Samba share configuration, I did not notice any change.  Not until my brother tried to access the box with his different user name and password did I notice this issue – he was prompted for a user name and password, which he didn’t know and never had to deal with before.

The good news is, the fix is pretty easy with a little googling:

security = user
map to guest = Bad User

One of these days, I need to write up a new guide for a wide-open Samba server – maybe a good weekend project.