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Posts about my new property in Rutland

Tree Removal

I had probably a dozen trees cut down a few weeks ago – primarily for safety, as a few of the trees close to the road were looking dangerously close to falling. There are still a couple more that need dropped, but the scariest ones are now down. The task of moving all of the wood out of the way has begun.

These pictures were right after the tree service company left. I have moved some of the wood and burned some of the brush over the last few weeks.


Here are a few pictures from around the property. I am slowly but surely reclaiming the land from the overgrowth. These are up by the house:

These are just some random shots while walking the rest of the property:

Inside the house – some of the room2 look decent, some not so much:

I think there is some nice walnut trim hiding under this peeling paint.

It is actually tough to photograph the inside of the house. The ceilings are over 8 feet, so getting floor-to-ceiling shots are about impossible with my phone.

Anyway, that is where we are now.

A Little Piece of Heaven

I just got the keys to my new house – a little piece of heaven. Here is the picture tour.

Entering the front porch – see how inviting it looks?

The spacious living room.

Moving to the second room – possibly formal dining or just a comfy place to hang out. Notice the subtle decorating details.

The third room – maybe a den or office or whatever you can imagine.

Moving to the fully modern and updated kitchen

and on the the spacious bath

The back deck will need a tiny bit of repair – a small price to pay for such a fine jewel.

The majestic staircase leading to the 4 roomy bedrooms.

You just don’t see architecture like this anymore.

Finally, some of the landscaping features – they really make the place pop!

By far, the best find has been this wonderful chair – may need to head to the Antiques Roadshow for an appraisal.

This concludes the picture tour of this wonderful property.